Severless Development Made Simple
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what we do

Severless is the future of Development. We make it simple with custom Tooling Designed to bring your product online faster.

Faster DEployment

Using Salix's custom tooling you can gain faster delivery and deployment times of new applications.

Synchronized Components

Salix's tooling reduces the complexity of operatings an SOA or microservice environment thsu helping to reduce operational complexity.

Pre-Baked Solutions

Salix's tooling package comes with many pre-built systems already built in such as email and text message handling.


SALIX offers Several ways to Engage With the Stack.


Find us on the AWS IQ Marketplace or on UpWork to leverage this technology in your self hosted environment.

Custom Engagement

Salix can engage on any size project to help your company meets its delivery requirements. Simply call Salix using the.number.below to get started.